White Skull PK Pendulum


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PERFECT ACCESSORY FOR SIXTH SENSE 3.0!  Just remove the deerskin strap and you have a great bizarre story-telling effect. 

PK Skeleton –  Fresh From Jimmy’s PROP SHOP! Where the best props are made! Jimmy is having too much fun making these creative PK props. In addition to looking totally awesome these magnetic props are very strong and useful with other magnets and detection devices. These are all Custom Made from Little Jimmy!  Add something truly unique and memorable to your PK effects!

Bill Montana, Steve Drury, Stan Bialowas, Robert Marsi and Tony Iacovillo are just some of the workers who appreciate Jimmy’s hard work and you will too!

The latest little gem from Jimmy’s Prop Shop which contains very strong neodymium magnets embedded by the master himself.  Here is a simple fact, Jimmy personally crafts all of these products by hand, these are not purchased elsewhere, Jimmy fabricates each and every piece, whether it be this white skull pendulum, his PK Brains, his Black Skeleton heads, his scarab’s or whatever other unique piece that is in his line.

Note from Little Jimmy: PK has mystified my most all of my time studying the art of magic.  Telekinesis (also referred to as psychokinesis, or PK), is the ability to move objects through mind-power.  My items, if that is all they did would be amazing by themselves, but with a little additional creativity much more can be accomplished.

Using this uniquely crafted PK Pendulum you and arrange for a most esoteric outcome.  Whereby you can easily force the desired result and/or give the impression that super natural forces are exercising their power to determine a bizarre outcome.

Each pendulum comes with three prices, the custom crafted PK Skull the deer skin leather strapping to thread the skull such that it can hang and swing as well as a flat deer antler stone piece to tie the thread together is so desired and a nicely crafted carrying bag along with a certificate of authenticity.

Updated Comments from Little Jimmy’s Prop Shop: Hey Mark – Did you know that the leather strap is deer skin? Also comes with a chip located in the carrying bag made from deer antler (which is ideal to be used as a clasp), by putting the leather strap through the hole of the antler and then gluing the strap to itself then making a loop on the other side (smaller than the antler chip) and glue that side. Nothing but the best from Wisconsin. Note: Item does NOT come with detailed instructions. Only suggested ideas, product specs.  Can be used for a variety of effects and contains very strong magnets.  Therefore, we suggest if you are not already familiar with PK Props and concept not to purchase it.

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