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SCARCE and in Pristine condition. 

Ad Copy credited to Winewizard and Docdazzal – Magic Cafe Users.

“I just got this and it really is a winner. As with many of Vic’s effects there is ample room and opportunity for the performer to make it as personal as they would like…limit appears to be the creative ability of the performer.
Vic does provide three very interesting presentations for the effect and I have selected one that I favor to expand upon. The effect itself is involved with a Jack the Ripper theme, and Vic provides a good background of the Jack the Ripper storyline.

The props are top notch and basic performance is simple. I hate effects which advertise no sleights then proceed to explain that you need to do a double lift or some other “technique”. No technique required. Props do the work and as you would expect the props (and there are many) are top-notch. It is an investment effect but does provide excellent value for cost.” – Winewizard, Magic Cafe User

I received my new / old Whitechapel props and effects today…and wanted to thank Vic for a set of class A, top-of-the-line props. The effects are are very well thought out and include plenty of audience participation. My purpose for getting this item is because like some of you…I’m putting together a séance based upon the Ripper legacy.

Those of you who may be even considering either a séance or would like to just present an effect or two based upon the Ripper storylines…then Whitechapel would be a perfect item to begin with. You really must see and hold the props in your hand to appreciate the quality and versatility of the Whitechapel props and effects.” – Docdazzal, Magic Cafe User

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