Whitewash – Auke Van Dokkum


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A impressive visual effect that we have seen Auke perform many times in our booth – which always gets a big reaction! Highly suggested!

Spectator is asked to mentally choose a random playing card from a fanned deck. The magician explains he will find the spectator’s card from a new deck using a few narrowing questions. With the cards facing the magician, the questions begin. “Is your card a red card or a black card?” Discarding what seems to be the non-chosen color, the magician continues, “Was your card a Heart or Diamond?” (or Spade or Club?) After a few more questions, and discarding the cards not chosen, the magician reveals the remaining card to be the one thought of by the spectator. This appears to be a VERY lame trick, relying on specific “fishing” questions. Now for the Kicker!! The magician turns over all the discarded cards: They are ALL BLANK!! The spectator’s card is the only one with a printed face!

  • Easy to perform!
  • Super Fast Reset!
  • No Sleights Needed!
  • Easy to Follow Instructions!
  • Comes with red Phoenix Decks…

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