Who’s Inside by Hideki Tani


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The magician unwraps a handkerchief and there is a small glass jar inside. Its lid is closed with a padlock on. The magician says that he accidentally locked the padlock key inside when he was trying to lock something important away. But then he pulls out the key from the bottom of the jar, and unlocks the lid. The magician then strikes the bottom of the jar with the padlock, and the padlock goes into the jar right in front of the audience. The padlock was definitely not inserted through the mouth of the jar because it is smaller than the padlock. The jar can be handed to the audience to check. It is impossible to get the padlock out.

The magician closes the lid of the jar with the padlock still in it, covers it with a handkerchief and has an audience hold it from above. The magician puts his empty hand under the handkerchief and pulls out the padlock from the bottom of the jar. The moment the padlock is pulled out, the audience who was holding the jar will feel it becomes a little lighter. The audience removes the handkerchief from the jar and it is empty now. The magician says, “The padlock came out because there’s no space for it in the jar.” Then he opens the lid, and the jar is filled with water.

Comes with BOTH printed and QR Code instructions in English as well as sequential images that provide step-by-step instructional.


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1 review for Who’s Inside by Hideki Tani

  1. masoodrohail1 (verified owner)

    I love this trick. Gets great reactions. Practice is needed as it is angle sensitive. I have performed this a few times and each time I get amazing response.

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