Words About Wizards – Robert Parrish (Book)


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Joe says this is required reading – There will be a test! 

Recollections Of Magicians And Their Magic 1930-1950 By Robert Parrish. This is Fabulous full of colorful stories of legends of magic. You will enjoy this light reading about all of the performers named below and enjoy the history of our art of magic. A collection of sketches about magicians who figured in the first half of the 20th Century. Anecdotes about magicians of the past and descriptions of their performances have always held great fascination for all of us. Here are notes on some remarkable people who flourished so many years ago!

Listed in the book are:

  • Blackstone,
  • Okito,
  • Charlie Miller,
  • Harlan Tarbell,
  • John Mulholland,
  • Ricardo Richardine,
  • Jack Gwyne,
  • Ed Renot,
  • Joseffy,
  • Balsamo,
  • Rosini,
  • Mysterious Smith,
  • Ade Duval,
  • Paul Le Paul,
  • W.F. Steele.

The book is hardbound with dust jacket, contains 67 pages—indexed and illustrated with photographs.

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