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Offering of a pocket-sized Card to Wallet, also known as, The Working Performers Signed Card In Wallet. This new smaller size will easily fit into your shirt or jacket pocket, but is still a good sized wallet. made of 100% split leather. Finest quality; soft, supple. Available in black pebble grain only.

Ken Brooke said, “September 18, 1974, was a great day in the studio with visitors from all over the world. But here was some visitor that had them all watching him it was Fred Kaps! During the session, Fred did the ‘Card in the Wallet’, and at the finish he handed me the wallet to look for the ‘work’. I could NOT detect any fakery. He had everyone in the place fooled. Just before he took off for the airport he showed it to us and granted permission to pass the secret onto our customer!” Another great Ken Brooke Magic Range item! Fred Kaps performed the “Card In Wallet” and did it again and again and again in one continuous routines. Each time the freely selected card was found in the zipper compartment of his wallet! PLUS-Bonus Routine: Signed card Inside A Sealed Envelope! Imagine that…not ONLY is the signed card inside the wallet it is inside a sealed envelope as well!

Any card can be used. High quality superb wallet, sightly smaller than original wallet. This is the classic Card to Wallet effect. A signed card finds its way into the zipper compartment of your wallet. The gimmick is invisible. Not only that, but you can do the Card to Sealed Envelope! Wallet is designed to perform both routines and comes with George Robinson’s personal handing. Size of wallet lets you carry this in your shirt pocket or back pocket. Size: 3 7/8″ x 5 7/8″; less than 1/2″ thick. Finest leather work.

The card is vanished and found inside the zippered compartment of your wallet. It can also be found inside a sealed envelope, inside the wallet. The routine included gives you a non-palming method to produce this effect. Our Viking Wallets are made of select split leathers, top quality construction, with our hand crafted pebble finish. Supplied in luxurious black leather at a very reasonable price. Why spend $65.00, or even $100 when you can get the same top quality for less than half the price.

Note: This is also known as Ken Brooke’s Working Performer’s Card To Wallet.

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