World Magic Seminar – Asia 2011 – UGM (DVD)

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On of our top selling line of DVD’s – it’s true – come from UGM and feature footage from their prestigious World Magic Seminar Asia convention! This DVD is edited to highlight the whole event was held at the Nagoya Kanko Hotel in August 2011 of “World Magic Seminar 10th ASIA”.  If you want to know what’s happening in the world of magic in Asia – this DVD will provide it for you.  This is a great chance to get ahead of the curve and see innovative techniques!

You can see all the contents of the Convention UGM. Duration is approximately 120 minutes and includes:

Special Night show along with performances and lectures from this amazing list of performers:

Yuji Yamamoto, Barcelo, Daiki Tanaka, Kohei Kobayashi, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Lee Ungyoru, Kenji Minemura relay lecture Kim Hyun-soo, Ueki Bona, del Saruwaku, Takahito Shoji, James di-mail, Satoshi Yuki, Gay Rungubagu, Minhyon Kim, Kenji Minemura, Kim Young-hoon, Hiro Sakai, Lee Anshen, Kazu Katayamalecture Kaz Katayama, Hyun-Soo Kim, Takahito Shoji, Satoshi Yuki, James di-mail, Kato Yang, Yuji Yasuda opening magic show Lee Yong Woo, Kim Minhyon, Hiroshi Yamamoto, Hyun-Soo Kim, Yang Kato close-up magic show Takahito Shoji, Satoshi Yuki, Kim Minhyon, Ueki Bona, Andosuto, Kim Young-hoon show banquet Kaz Katayama & Hiro Sakai, Yuji Yamamoto, Marikosan, Ueki Bona, del Saruwaku, Yuji Yasuda cabaret show Hiroshi Yamamoto, Yoshihiko Yokoi, James di-mail, Young-Hoon Kim, Takahito Shoji, Gay Rungubagu, Yong Woo Lee, balance scales, Ueki & Bona Yuji Yamamoto, Satoshi Yuki, Hiro Sakai, Jordan Gomez, Ken Liu, Ungyoru Lee, Ryan, Kim Minhyon, Kato and Kenji Minemura yang, Cerro, Andosuto, Lee Hun, Lee Anshen, Danny call, Kazu Katayama, Yuji Yasuda stage magic contest of the 14 guest magician show, by Tempyo, award show gift Cerro, Jordan Gomez, Kenji Minemura, Hun Lee, Andosuto, James di-mail, Lee Anshen, Danny Call

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