WOW 3.0 Blank by Masuda


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SHIPS 05/31/2021

One of the hottest product lines for years, just got an incredible addition. WOW 3 Blank. WOW 3 Blank allows you to slowly, visually transform a BLANK CARD into ANY written message. It is truly magical. It’s actually remarkable when you think about how initially the concept of having a blank version didn’t immediately come to the forefront – but when it did – not only did it prove to be a resounding success but many argue it’s impact is more substantial than the original version.  One thing is certain, any version slays minds when it comes to an incredible visual impact.

With WOW 3 Blank, you are only limited by your imagination. Locations, names, dates, playing card predictions or personal messages can all slowly appear in front of your spectator’s eyes.

• Increased Transparency due to Hi-resolution Printing Technology
• A more glass-like shine on the surface
• Bezel on both sides is thinner than ever

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