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Wherever you are, at school, in the office, or on the street, you are always ready to amaze!

Yet another stoic example that big things can come in small packages! With WOW ink you will have at your disposal an unbelievable plethora of visual effects! The demo video does an excellent job at illustrating some of these mind bending miracles. Seasoned performers understand the exponential value of props that are easy to carry. The WOW ink – is one of those unique props! Easy to carry, always at your disposal. Below we have listed some of the basic fundamentals of the art of magic all of which you can achieve with this custom unique prop:

1. Appearance . You can appear any small object, just by drawing it on your hand, or even better on a spectator.
2. Vanish – Erase ink from any surface – anywhere! On paper, on skin, practically any surface!
3. Transport . Transport the ink from the pen, or morph it into something entirely different!
4. Mentalism – Predictions come to fruition, visually and instantaneously.
5. Balance. Impossibly balance the pen right on your fingertip.
6. Card Revealation – This pen will also include a card prediction adding a value added.

And just for you, inside there is also a bonus.


  • Balancing the pen on a spectator’s phone
  • Telekinesis Effects with your phone and much more


  • Stylish, contemporary design.
  • Always with you. Can be examined.
  • Wherever you are, at school, in the office, or on the street, you are always ready to amaze!
  • The custom package includes two special but unique pens. It is not necessary to use both pens during the performance, you can choose which of the effects you want to perform and work with only one pen, or if you have to repeat a different effect to the same group you can switch – your choice, your control. Or you can use all the effects in one pen.

Each set includes:

  • Special pen – 2
  • Repair kit – 1
  • A link where you can view the instructional video.

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