X Or (Incredible Coin Effect) (DVD)


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Imagine showing your hands empty and with a simple easy to learn sleight, producing a coin from thin air! Effect can be performed single-handedly or with both hands. The performer can also vanish the coin cleanly in the same manner. Imagine a spectator hands you a clear empty glass, you show both hands empty—a moment later they hear and see a coin “clink” into the glass.

You then hand the glass with the coin to the spectator for examination. After the stunned and flabbergasted spectator inspects and hands you back the coin you squash it completely vanishing it right before their eyes! Can be performed in your birthday suit. Do it anytime, anywhere on a moments notice, and with no advanced preparation! We have never seen this deceptive method before. Perfect street magic, table hoping, walkaround or close-up effect! Don’t Miss This DVD!

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