Xtra Finger – House of Magic (Buma)


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Buma’s “Xtra” Finger performs like nothing you’ve ever carried in your pocket! Spontaneous in performances-it allows you to:

• Make instantaneous productions from your bare hands.
• Produce a 12-inch diamond-cut silk or a 60-inch silk streamer (both are supplied).
• Produce salt, sugar, etc.
• Features a large load capacity.
• Can perform with your fingers apart.
• Requires no traditional tell tale thumb tip moves.

Incorporates Buma’s revolutionary, removable, magnetic finger tip and magnetic interior ball plug. Allowing for a hassle-free production every time. Allows for a production from either end of the “Xtra” Finger.

Comes complete with Buma’s handmade medical grade silicone Xtra Finger, silks (2 sizes), magnetic ball plug, 2 high-grade neodymium magnets and color-photo instructions.

“From the man who gave us Hofzinger’s Hook and Shazam-now Buma gives you…The Xtra Finger!”


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