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The brilliant engineers at Wonder Imagery have produced an item that packs flat but gets a big response and eats up a good portion of time in the process. Experienced magicians place great value on effects that are light weight and easy to transport but also pack a punch – and this is an effect that does all of it and more because it also packs an “educational” them to it.  Props that do exactly this are scarce. 

The more YOU turn it, the more they LAUGH! You Turn is real magic! You Turn is a perfect warm up or ice breaker. Most importantly You Turn is FUN!

You Turn is a double-sided sign that is the perfect magical tool for “reading programs.”  As the sign states: I Love To Read! You Turn it over and over to show I love to read is always right side up. But when you place it on the included stand, it is never correct! It ends up on one side, then the other, before it finally is totally UPSIDE DOWN!

Deciding to SHOW them you really do love to read, a surprise change occurs. Now the sign shows a picture of a stack of colorful books.  And asking the crowd what that means, you reply – it means I’m a BOOKWORM and when YOU TURN it one last time – a Green Worm is revealed. 

This is easy to perform comes with a clear tripod stand, and both printed and DVD instructional (which is a good thing as it’s always better to have both). The quality of the material is top notch it looks like a colorful and exciting prop – and in fact it really is.

Note: There are TWO version’s of You Turn, this one (I love to read) and also one that states – I love magic. Click Here for the other version.

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