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Electronic & Manual Ignition Plus Safety On/Off Switch!

I don’t think you will find another fire wallet that produces like this! Have you ever wanted to AMP up the volume of the FIRE on a standard fire wallet?  The ZAP wallet does exactly that and MORE! Have you ever loaded a cheap fire wallet and then gone back to it later to use it but it doesn’t ignite?  That won’t happen with the Zap Fire Wallet. Constructed of quality materials with double stitching.  The wallet has 14 sections where you can add old credit cards to it, so it has both the non-gimmicked section


  • Electronic Rechargeable Ignition
  • Safety Feature includes “On/Off” Switch
  • Quality Ignition Button that provides both a sensation to the thumb, as well as a soft audible click so you know for sure you have executed it.
  • Redundant Manual Ignition too
  • Custom Air Tight Fuel Reserve – meaning the fuel won’t evaporate.  Load it and leave it!
  • Friction Locking Mechanism – the fuel box serves double duty also as a friction lock, so the gimmicked side won’t open until YOU want it to!
  • High Quality Double Stitched Wallet with side button latch for extra security.

There are a lot of them! One of them that is NOT featured on the video is the the fact it is constructed with a gimmick that when closed locks the fuel in an practically air-tight closed area.  This is achieved by the creations of a metal box  that when open exposes the double wicked materials – YET WHEN CLOSED prevents the fuel from evaporating.  That is a HUGE benefit because you can load the wallet and not have to worry about evaporation.   Try adding fuel to most fire wallet and then going back an hour or even later to ignite it – and guess what – it doesn’t work.    But with the ZAP Fire Wallet from Panda Magic – you have nothing to worry about.   The other benefit of this custom metal box, is when closed it locks the gimmicked portion of the wallet firmly.  We even tested it by throwing the wallet twenty feet to see if the friction lock would hold – IT DID!  So the metal box serves double duty when closed – preserving the fuel load and providing a friction lock that keeps the gimmicked portion of the wallet from opening.

Other features include the beauty of redundancy!  It has both a manual and electronic ignition.  The electronic ignition is activated via a very well constructed and placed black button.  I like this button feature because you are able to “feel” with your thumb the “click” when you have successfully pushed the button down.  This is nice because it means you don’t have to keep your eyes on the button.  Redundancy is wonderful thing to have when your performing, as even though the odds that either of the two ignition systems will fail, or your forget to charge the wallet – you have an alternative option.

Comes in black custom box, wallet and USB cord for recharging electrical battery

Weight 6.8 ounces
7 1/4 long by 3 1/4 wide

Overall assessment – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. A good amount of thinking went into what is usually a simple prop.  That thinking pays off in spades with a lot of valuable features.  The current introduction price we find VERY affordable compared to other options.

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