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New design features a feather-light Sharpie for improved performance! The principle is ancient. The prop is as modern as it gets. A Sharpie marker laid on your palm slowly RISES until it’s standing on end! It stands there, defying gravity for a moment, and then slowly DESCENDS!
Based on a time tested and proven principle dating back to the Indian Fakirs, Steve Fearson has redesigned the Zenith Pencil gimmick and integrated it into a Sharpie. We’re so confident you will be impressed with the new design, we will even show you the gimmick before you buy. Take a good look at this picture… EXACTLY. The gimmick is virtually invisible. The Sharpie can be used as normal—you’ll almost forget the gimmick is there. But it is there—when you need it!

  • NO threads.
  • NO wires.
  • NO magnets.
  • NO moving parts.
  • NO lighting restrictions.
  • Nothing to reset or replace.

These are just a few of the things that make Zenith one of the most practical levitation/suspension effects you can perform. The effect also lends itself to some risque humor should you decide to go that route! Use it as a lie detector or a hottie detector. With a little imagination, you can get a lot of mileage out of this nifty prop.

Note: This model uses the same method as the original Okito Dolls – for what it’s worth.

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