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Stevens Magic is very excited and proud to have been chosen as the “exclusive” distributor, in conjunction with Platin Magic of course. Joe immediately realized the power this utility has for readers, this is the perfect “lead in” to go into a personalized reading and then reveal the spectator’s sign at the end.  For a limited time you can get this beautiful optional utility that allows you the benefit of being able to have everything you need to perform this effect.  This box is available at an additional cost – for more information scroll down to the bottom of the page. 

While we always try, it’s impossible to get to know each product intimately…. However, we were able to really take our time and share this with many of our respected peers – and the feed back has been all positive. This is an incredible tool for any reader, or mentalist. Those that are smart, realize the importance of not just gathering information but the manner in which you reveal it. The nice thing about this is you can do so at your desire. For those lucky enough to have the Roydon Reader Table’s – this is yet another asset that could be used in your arsenal. Years ago Stevens Magic sold an effect similar from Japan but Platin Magic has taken the work out of it with simple but powerful refinements, which makes everything work seamlessly – allowing you to totally focus on your presentation.

Effect: 12 Zodiac postcards are handed in a closed folder to the audience. A spectator is asked to remove the cards and to choose the zodiac sign of a person well known. The Spectator removes the chosen sign, shuffles and puts back the remaining cards into the folder. The spectator is asked to concentrate to his zodiac sign and to read the characteristics of the chosen zodiac sign (written on the back of the card) to mentally connect better to the sign. The magician asks the spectator to concentrate to the chosen sign and to create a strong image in his mind. The magician concentrates and instantly reveals the freely chosen zodiac sign.

Important Points:

    • The 12 zodiac postcards are given to the spectator inside an opaque folder
    • ANY zodiac sign can be chosen, FREE choice, there is no force
    • The magician/ mentalist could even be in another room during the selection
    • Spectator can shuffle the remaining postcards (no special order), put them back in the postcard folder himself
    • NO questions are asked for the revelation
    • Everything can be examined, ordinary objects
    • 100% diabolic and safe method
    • Mechanism is not intended for table hopping. Designed primarily for intimate or trade show type performance setting. Item must be performed using a table or a suite case table. Contact Mark Stevens for more details.

What you get:

12 zodiac sign A6 size postcards, black/ white, laminated on both sides to last a lifetime printed on the back are the typical characteristics of each zodiac sign the postcard folder either in black/ green/ red/ yellow/ blue (16 cm x 12 cm x 1,8 cm) the special gimmick that makes this mind magic dream come true. A few simple but helpful visual aides. Access to an online video explanation (4 minutes).

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