Zombie Detective


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It’s not breaking news!  I mean unless you have been living in a closet for the past year or so.   Everyone knows there is a Zombie epidemic on our planet. Magicians are being enlisted to test civilians and identify which ones carry the dormant Zombie Gene. What follows is a humorous routine as a spectator is ID’d, tested and, eventually, cured of their Zombiness! The performer shows his badge, then begins testing the spectators. One spectator signs a Zombie Detective card (sort of litmus test for zombies), and presses her thumb tip on the sensor. In a few seconds, a reading appears on the screen: “+” for positive. Bad news. In the end, the spectator is cured and gets a cute souvenir.

Easy to do. Includes 50 Zombie Detector Cards, 1 “Zombie Investigate & Terminate Squad” badge, plus instructions.

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