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Joe’s Personally Speaking Summer 2012

  THE EVOLUTION OF MAGIC WORLD PART 1 Having been in our magic world for over 50 years as a hobbyist and in the magic business since 1975, this “old feller” has seen a lot of changes! None as quick or impactive as the last five years. My evaluation will cover this period of time […]


Milliard Grubb – A Man of Many Talents.

UPDATED! NOW – FINALLY AVAILABLE FROM STEVENS MAGIC – IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP! Free with every purchase of “Conversations With Magicians” is Milliard Grubb’s Halloween Show – he has made $$$THOUSANDS$$$ performing! YOU CAN GO DIRECTLY TO THE PRODUCT PAGE – CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS! For those of you that are subscribed to […]



Millard Grubb-Master Marketer Millard Grubb and Sherri Lewis Millard Grubb has worked as a magician, hypnotist, mentalist, speaker, and consultant over the last thirty-one years. And during that time almost everyone of his shows was booked by himself. Around 1980, an agent booked me for three weeks at a hotel claiming the hotel would only […]


Personally Speaking – Nov06 – Part 2

Here are some excellent items from our last two catalogs: Rice Silks – 12 Inch “First come-First Serve” From An Estate sale on the famous Rice Silks, in MINT condition! We are pleased to announce-for a limited time only-this rare opportunity to purchase Rice Silks. Known as the “gold standard,” Stevens Magic (in our ongoing […]

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