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Ian Adair – SME Columnist

Hi there! – One way to keep young is to mix with young magicians. For the past thirty years or more I’ve been associated with Junior clubs, conventions for young magicians as well as writing monthly columns for their very own magazines. I even donated a cup called the Abracadair Cup for the most promising […]


Clark Part 2

After Phantasy, Tony began to diversify into non-magical productions. In 2001, he wrote produced and starred in a stage play featuring magic and illusions entitled, “Intimate Miracles: Life, Love & Legerdemain,” that ran for six weeks in Pasadena . He’s also worked on many feature film productions, most recently as a production manager on a […]


Personally Speaking – Apr08

Joe’s Personally Speaking – April 2008 “The Funny Side Of Magic" I take great pleasure in presenting this column, properly titled, “The Funny Side Of Magic.” The history of magic is very important as we know. Tony Gerard has compiled precious historical funny “true” stories of magic worlds past great legends and those who are […]


Aldo Colombini – 'mamma Mia Magic' Aldo Colombini

Columnist: Aldo Colombili Classics Handed Down from Generation to Generation … Nobody Wanted Them! Aldo Columbini Michael Close and Jon Racherbaumer have recently spoken on Cups and Balls and given their opinions. I don’t think that I will be called pretentious for saying that I too can offer a couple of thoughts about this matter […]

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