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Gauci2 Part 3

Mystic Vibrations (Charles Gauci) A New Mental Marvel From The Mind Of Charles Gauci-One Of The Top Mentalists In The World! On the table is a box containing five 35mm film canisters. The performer explains that each canister contains money-$100, $50, $20, $10 and $5-not necessarily in that order. He says that he is going […]


Pilou Part 2

"He was a boisterous, pallid, nimble, wide-awake, jeering, lad with a vivacious but sickly air. He went and came, sang, played at hopscotch, scraped the gutters, stole a little, but, like cats and sparrows, gayly laughed when he was called a rogue, and got angry when called a thief. He had no shelter, no bread, […]


Marshall Part 2

It was Jay Marshall who advised us to start the Desert Magic Seminar, (Now the World Magic Seminar) in Las Vegas years ago and he was right! This was all discussed over a bottle of Scotch in Tulsa , Okla. I listened to this wisdom and did what he told me. The Seminar has now […]


Capaul Part 5

· Again for both, make sure the welded area is smooth, without rough spots or dimples. A spectator examining the ring will notice the weld if it is not smooth. They will quickly conclude, incorrectly, this is the secret and react accordingly. This can blow your whole routine. · Most Solid rings are usually made […]

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