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World Magic Seminar 2011 – Summary Review

World Magic Seminar XXXIV – 2011 A very special thanks to all who attended the 2011 World Magic Seminar – February 27th – March 2nd, 2011 at the Orleans Hotel. This was the 34th consecutive year, by no means a record, but certainly entitled to respect for achieving this amazingly consistency. This year’s primary highlight […]


Personally Speaking – Aug06 2 – Part 4

Gaetan Bloom presented his lecture and is still one of France ‘s most creative performers. There were three "special awards" given to longstanding FISM participants. El Duco of Norway was honored and he was a judge and dealer for years and his greatest memory of a FISM was the year of 1988 in the Hague […]


Personally Speaking – Dec05 – Part 5

Bruce Averbook & Joe at L.A. Conference Do you know any of these guys? It was a fabulous three-day event and entirely different than any magic convention you are familiar with. Now From Mark… THE OKLAHOMA EXPERIENCE We recently attended the Cavalcade Of Magic in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Seymour Davis Ring and the Oklahoma […]


Personally Speaking – Dec04 – Part 2

If they had Awards for builders of magical illusions, Julio’s fireplace mantel (do they even have fire places in Brazil ?) would be chockfull of trophies. He has consistently been able to take mind-blowing effects limited only to larger stages, and makes them lightweight and portable — all the while NOT sacrificing visual impact, believability […]


Karrell Fox – A "chanin-ized" Silk Vanish

Columnist: Karrell Fox Without a doubt, one of the most clever guys in the magic business is my good friend, JACK CHANIN. His books, marketed effects and ideas, are always first class. Several years ago the prolific Mr. Chanin showed me a delightful method of vanishing a paper napkin. Jack’s idea triggered the wheels in […]


Fred Becker – Entertainingat Sea

Columnist: Fred Becker Entertaining at Sea Occasionally, I hear magicians speak poorly about those that work on cruise ships. This attitude surprises me. The fact is, much of our kind of show business has moved out to sea. The cruise industry continues to grow, with new fully equipped showrooms that need entertainment nightly. Nearly all […]

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