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Personally Speaking – Dec04 – Part 3

Ryan Rodrigues and Mark Stevens The facility also featured a wonderful daily lunch buffet. Picture those wonderful European outdoor cafes, and that is what we had. How neat this was not just in providing sustenance but helping people feel comfortable, relaxed and in good spirits. The spread was nothing short of amazing with over 20 […]


Ian Adair – Voice Of Britain

Columnist: Ian Adair by Ian Adair Hi there! Lots of news from little ol’ Britain. What with the 61st annual British Ring Convention, magicians have been having a wonderful time. But more about this big convention later, and incidentally, some two thousand registrants attended. International I.B.M. President, and an old pal of mine, Abb Dickson […]


Ian Adair – Voiceof Britain

Columnist: Ian Adair Voice of Britain Hi there! Another new year and hopefully a happy magical one to everyone who reads my reports. Thanks for the letters and encouragement over the years and it’s a pleasure bringing you news from little old Britain! During the winter months magic conventions flourish here, unlike over in your […]


Ian Adair – Voiceof Britain97

Columnist: Ian Adair Voice of Britain Ian Adair Hi there! With the major British Ring IBM convention well over and the Magic Circles’ dealers day held in London gone, other events dominated our magic scene here in Britain. The forthcoming Blackpool Magician’s Club’s 46th Annual Convention at the famous Winter Gardens is almost upon us […]


Ian Adair – The Voiceof Britain Feb96

Columnist: Ian Adair The Voice of Britain THE VOICE OF BRITAIN Hi there: Nice to be back reporting on the events and happenings here in Britain. Thereís good news and thereís bad news and thereís sad news too. The sad news is the death of one of our most respected magicians, author, inventor and historian, […]


Ian Adair – International Magic England

Columnist: Ian Adair International Magic: England BRITAIN’S VOICE OF MAGIC………………………..Ian Adair Hi there. The magic calendar over her in Britain is as busy as ever, with events and conventions every week. The Magic Circle Young Magician of the year has come and gone, won by 18-year-old Dominic Woods. Eight finalists competed and he came out […]

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