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Karrell Fox – A "chanin-ized" Silk Vanish

Columnist: Karrell Fox Without a doubt, one of the most clever guys in the magic business is my good friend, JACK CHANIN. His books, marketed effects and ideas, are always first class. Several years ago the prolific Mr. Chanin showed me a delightful method of vanishing a paper napkin. Jack’s idea triggered the wheels in […]


Karrell Fox – Fox Column Jan95

Columnist: Karrell Fox KARRELL FOX COLUMN Here’s some oldies that always get laughs from one of magic worlds icons–KARRELL FOX– KARRELL’S – KOMICAL- KURRENCY – KOLLECTION – For several years in my “FOX-TALES” Column in “TOPS” magazine, I ran a series of gags with dollar bills under the title of Karrell’s Korny Bill Collection”. These […]