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Karrell Fox – Wands, Wands & More Wands

Columnist: Karrell Fox WANDS-TWO-THREE Magicians who do kid shows have been getting laughs for years with various types of prop magic wands. I imagine it all started with the break-away wand. There have also been comedy wands that bend, twist, rise, change color, enlarge, shrink, bang, become banners, multiply and even tipple-topple. Children believe that […]


Karrell Fox – A "chanin-ized" Silk Vanish

Columnist: Karrell Fox Without a doubt, one of the most clever guys in the magic business is my good friend, JACK CHANIN. His books, marketed effects and ideas, are always first class. Several years ago the prolific Mr. Chanin showed me a delightful method of vanishing a paper napkin. Jack’s idea triggered the wheels in […]

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