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A Tribute to a Friend – Julio Lipan (By Mark Stevens)

A Tribute to a Friend – Julio Lipan (Mark Stevens) November 4, 2009 was not a good day for anyone that called Julio Lipan Sr., a friend; this was the day of his passing. Immediately upon hearing this news I did a retrospective, and it is one I would like to share with my friends […]


Capaul Part 4

The smallest size for standard routines you should consider would be 6 inches, an excellent choice for small rooms and close up. For platform or stage, 8, 10, or 12-inch ring is better. Click here to learn more about the Giant Linking Rings ($115.00) Julio Lipan Performing The Giant Linking Rings! While rings as large […]


SME History

Jay Marshall performing with "Lefty" Jay Marshall performing Amy Stevens, Martha and Joe Stevens Stevens Magic Dealer’s Table at World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas Erika Larsen & Buma Joe & Martha Stevens John Saline, Jay Marshall, Gene Rump, Paul Stone, Billy McComb, Roger Crabtree, Ron Wilson, Joe & Karrell Fox. Photo taken at WMS. […]


Personally Speaking – May05 – Part 2

Sponsored lectures, close up events and yes, started the now present ”World Magic Seminar” with Slydini and Siegfried and Roy and Lance Burton! What a wonderful 27 years it has been working with these “Super Stars” and we’re so pleased that our good buddy Rich Bloch is continuing the Seminar in its highest standards! Starting […]


Personally Speaking – Dec04 – Part 3

Ryan Rodrigues and Mark Stevens The facility also featured a wonderful daily lunch buffet. Picture those wonderful European outdoor cafes, and that is what we had. How neat this was not just in providing sustenance but helping people feel comfortable, relaxed and in good spirits. The spread was nothing short of amazing with over 20 […]


Personally Speaking – Dec04 – Part 2

If they had Awards for builders of magical illusions, Julio’s fireplace mantel (do they even have fire places in Brazil ?) would be chockfull of trophies. He has consistently been able to take mind-blowing effects limited only to larger stages, and makes them lightweight and portable — all the while NOT sacrificing visual impact, believability […]


Personally Speaking – Dec04

Stevens Magic Emporium Congresso Brasileiro De Magicos – 2004 Versao em Portugues (Version in Portuguese) Queridos amigos – devido a problemas de tempo e custos de tradução. Não foi possível que eu incluísse a revisão completa, mas o que vocês vão ler a seguir é uma versão resumida. É importante pra mim que isso esteja […]

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