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Rock On – Jon Racherbaumer – January 2011

Tony Slydini consults with a young Jon Racherbaumer Some gimmicked cards have a sporadic life. They come on the scene, arouse interest for a time, and then fade from view. Such a gimmicked card is the Acrobatic Card, a card with a tensile, longitudinal half-flap that folds over from side-to-side. It is like the spring-flap […]


Rock On – Jon Racherbaumer – July 2010

Connectivity is one of today’s ruling buzzwords. By the time you read this installment, the Essential Magic Conference will be history. This will have been an explosive experiment in “connectivity” and will usher in a new era in how magicians will learn, share, and collaborate. This of course should not suggest that the old-style magic […]


Ted Lesley – "origami – Telekinesis"

Columnist: Ted Lesley (Ted Lesley) I dedicate this routine to my friend EUGENE BURGER, from whom I learned a lot during the past ten years! My “Teleport Envelope” is a most versatile gimmick, as you will agree after you have constructed one and tried it out before an audience. The “magic” seems to happen in […]


Paul Cummins – Multiples

Columnist: Paul Cummins This is installment 4 of this series of columns and I hope there are some of you out there who have been enjoying them and are playing with some of the routines. Multiple selection routines have been around for awhile and are a wonderful closer for a table-hopping or walkaround performance. Ed […]


Karrell Fox – Fox Column Oct95

Columnist: Karrell Fox Karrell Fox column Editor’s Note: Karrell’s material remains just as timely now as it did when he first created it. We’ve reprinted a fun effect from his book “Comedy A La Card” published by Magic Inc., and reprinted with permission here. We’ve also reprinted a bio on Karrell for those of you […]


Karrell Fox – Fox Column Nov95

Columnist: Karrell Fox Karrell Fox column Here are more great items from Karrell Fox. These have been excerpted from his “Korn-fidentially Yours” book, published by Magic Inc., and reprinted here with permission. FUNNY BUNNY WHERE’S THE BUNNY? Producing a bunny from a hat has been a trademark associated with magicians for years. However, very few […]

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