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Personally Speaking – Apr06 – Part 5

EXCLUSIVE TO STEVENS MAGIC IS David & Dania’s “Miracle Top Hat & Color-Changing Gloves”. If you’ve seen this dynamic duo’s Costume Changing Act, you know why they are the world’s best costume change act! They do nine changes in less than 10 minutes! We are proud to offer this, of several, of David & Dania’s […]


Personally Speaking – Feb06 – Part 2

Mark introduced the Buma Board and application for this special new generation impression device to the magic world seven years ago. Buma Board (Click here for more details) Pocket Portfolio (Click here for more details) $77.50 $125.00 The Buma Board and Pocket Portfolio, is an item that many working performers including but not limited to […]


Personally Speaking – Dec04 – Part 4

Competition was healthy and intense. The pressure was thick and you could easily sense it during the competitions, but the great thing is all the contestants were professional in their attitudes, respect and commitment to be there best. Winners Included: Close Up Grand Prix: Léo Otsuka from São Paulo (Brasil) with 84 points. 1st Place […]


Karrell Fox – Fox Column Nov95

Columnist: Karrell Fox Karrell Fox column Here are more great items from Karrell Fox. These have been excerpted from his “Korn-fidentially Yours” book, published by Magic Inc., and reprinted here with permission. FUNNY BUNNY WHERE’S THE BUNNY? Producing a bunny from a hat has been a trademark associated with magicians for years. However, very few […]

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