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Personally Speaking – Mar07

Personally Speaking – March 2007 WMS 2007 Review One by Deana Murray Living in Kansas – we all cringe when someone asks, “Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?” But there is no doubt about who gets to be THE WIZARD FROM OZ or who decorates his dominion with the horses of different […]


Personally Speaking – Jan07 – Part 5

FREE CATALOG! IF you are not on our mailing list give us your address via e-mail ([email protected]) and we will send you a FREE catalog of professional props for professional magicians. We ship all over the world! (Catalogs mailed FREE in USA .) International requests require $10.00 for postage and handling. (Or send us an […]


Personally Speaking – Jan07 – Part 4

Ungimmicked Miracle Linking Ropes You won’t believe this until you see it! Exclusive to Stevens Magic Emporium from Dick Williams. Three ropes link themselves without magnets, strings, and rope gimmicks. The ropes are REALLY unprepared! Fools magicians! You get three ropes and the “special secret” for performing this wonder rope illusion! Dick Williams still hold […]


Personally Speaking – Nov06 – Part 4

And don’t forget we have two websites: www.joesclearancecloset.com RARE COLLECTIBLES Here’s our latest list of collectibles of hard to find “gems”! Get them while they last-only one of each available! Aladdin’s magic cave is waiting for you… Thayer Multiple Ball Stand Good Condition Thayer Block Go Good Condition Thayer’s Changing Card Tray Good Condition New […]


Personally Speaking – Mar06 – Part 3

SHIN, Poron, Rocco, Nana, Chiaki and Magic Jamie Magic Jamie, Mark Stevens, Chiaki & SHIN! May we all congratulate Rich Bloch and Bob Rossi for organizing a wonderful event for all of us to enjoy, and a special salute to Bill & Becki Wells who coordinated all of it. They truly are the “dynamic duo”! […]


Personally Speaking – Feb06 – Part 2

Mark introduced the Buma Board and application for this special new generation impression device to the magic world seven years ago. Buma Board (Click here for more details) Pocket Portfolio (Click here for more details) $77.50 $125.00 The Buma Board and Pocket Portfolio, is an item that many working performers including but not limited to […]


Personally Speaking – Feb06

Personally Speaking – February 2006 Hello Friends and happy 2006! We’re busy little bee’s preparing for the new year, new catalogs, new conventions and of course new products, many of them exclusive. Joe Stevens and his close friend – Marvin Burger – Buma Sr. Photo: Stevens Magic Photo Morgue Important Announcement: We just received some […]


Personally Speaking – Oct05 – Part 3

Miles For Magic Announcing Miles for Magic from Stevens Magic – This is the perfect opportunity for those of you that have accumulated airline miles that you are not going to be able to redeem (for whatever reasons). Find out how you can become an SME Travel Partner (and the benefits associated with them). Contact […]

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