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Pete Biro Contributions to the art of Magic - By BUMA JR., (House of Magic)From Buma Jr. - House of Magic. Buma nailed it with the below. Scott Jenkins did an incredible job at keeping Pete's spirits high and the art of magic close to him till the end...Written by Buma Jr.
Max Armstrong - Broken Wand - By Joe Stevens“Master Magician and Illusionist” has passed away! Max was 85 years old, but you would never know it, he was an avid runner and in love with magic for most of those 85.  As such he led a very active life!  He was also extremely physically fit as a result of his passion for running and it appeared whatever Max did, he was passionate about.  Same was true with the art.
“MY PROFESSION KEEPS ME IN HANDCUFFS !” THEN and NOW… by Deana MurrayIf you grew up in New York City circa 1960, your childhood heroes are SLYDINI, DUNNINGER, LOU TANNEN, AMADEO, AL FLOSSO, or LARRY WEEKS. And you can’t get better than that. Especially in the magic world of the time. You’ll learn there is “no age difference in magic, only levels of experience and passion.
WellAttended Summit 2018       Fantastic opportunity! Stevens Magic Emporium is excited to announce that we are partnering with the WellAttended Summit to provide a free online convention on November 1 -4, 2018.Over 20 professional entertainers, producers, and actors are sharing their secrets on how to be successful.
The Richard Webster Berlin Seminar: A Masterclass in Psychic Entertainment - Berlin Oct. 5th & 6th 2018Among mentalists and psychic readers, New Zealand’s Richard Webster certainly doesn’t need an introduction. For more than three decades, Richard has been one of the most, if not THE most influential psychic entertainer, and a pre-eminent authority in this field.
Auke van Dokkum - 1957 - 2018 - A Letter From His Family.Sincere condolences to the family of our good friend and supplier Auke Van Dokkum. Auke lived the art of magic. He was happiest when he was performing and to him performing was so much more than just simple execution of effects. It was a life-form and maintaining an incredible amount of respect for the art that he practiced. A few of his mentors included Tommy Wonder and Armando Lucero.