Stan Kramien

"Magic Woodstock?"

Mark Stevens & Stan Kramien

Magic Woodstock? Two days of peace, fun, sun, and magic instead of music!

That’s the best way I can sum up what is fast becoming a pilgrimage of undying loyalist who make the annual trek to Newberg, Oregon to attend Stan Kramien’s Magic Jamboree!

Imagine if you will, a magic gathering that is in balance with nature. Now throw in the beautiful Oregon strolling hills, phenomenal line up of talent, great dealer room, fellowship and great food and fun.

If you’re thinking erecting of a few big party tents and cold weather shivers – think again… This gathering features a facility that KAO campgrounds would die for.

Stan’s son, Rick, and daughter in-law Debbie, have really paid homage to the ole’ man by converting a barn, into a completely refurbished venue complete with professional electronics, lighting, sound booth and stage. With drop curtain and rods, the hole bit. There is even casino booth seating towards the back – just like the ones you sit in at a Las Vegas show!

My friend – Roberto The Magician! Awesome Performance!

In fact, this year, specifically for this event, Rick had to completely enlarge the stage area and make major changes so Shimada could perform, not his dove or manipulations act mind you, but his full dragon act – something I had never seen before and was amazed!

This facility also houses a full kitchen, and huge outdoor grill where steaks are cooked for all who attend. You name it; it has it, and then some…

Of course, the Oregon beautiful hills and picturesque view of Mt. Hood humbles everyone attending… This really helps people relax, just like it was a Sunday in the park. Tensions melt away, people open-up, everyone is approachable, and life is good….

Oh yea, if it’s a little cold, no problemo, Rick & crew will fire up one of 8 high-end heaters (again, just like the ones in Vegas you see in Las Vegas by the Taxi line) and you’re cozy as can be!

Stevens Booth – Look at all the Beautiful Color! WOW!

Basically, there isn’t anything that hasn’t been thought of – every detail regards to making people comfortable. Looking outside the barn you will see several personal tents erected, for those campers who spend the night. But there are also full camper jacks with electric, plumbing, and water – people come up and hook up their mobile homes and they are set for the entire weekend!

Exploring the dark mystery of the Cube.

For those that don’t want to camp, the town is very close by and features very reasonable, clean and comfortable lodging.

Personally, I have never seen anything even close to it in all the magic conventions I have been to worldwide (and not to brag, but as I’m sure you can image, I’ve been to a lot). Everyone is approachable and relaxed like a day at the park, and that includes magical celebrities who this year included:

Doc Eason Pete Biro

Doc Eason in Action Baby!

Pete Biro Lecturing

Jerry Andrus Daryl

The Amazing Jerry Andrus

Daryl practicing his role as Frankenstien

and Shimada.

In addition to the fine array of talent that Stan books each year (last year included Mark & Nani Wilson, Whit Haydn, and Milt Larsen) each year features a close up and stage competition, and of course – lectures, lectures, lectures!

Payne addressing the Masses

Pete Biro congratulating Daryl at the end of Daryl’s lecture

Our esteemed photographer and talented performer/lecturer – Mr. Rick Anderson. Thanks for the great photos Rick!

This years contestants had some DYNAMITE performances. Here are the results for the competitions.

Close Up Contest:

Brian Haagen who took first place in the close up contest, followed by Tommy Ng who placed second.

Stage Contest:

Jeff Evans – First Place !

Brian Cook – Second Place !

Brian Cook a winning contestant!

Another great thing the Jamboree has going for it – is family! All the Kramien clan and friends help out including Stan’s grandchildren, Alex, Amanda & Heather.

It’s a family affair! Debbie (Rick’s wife and her two wonderful daughters) working to make sure everyone feels at home.

I know from my own experiences people really respond to that… It has a strong sense of family and friends quality that permeates every year! Ask anyone who attends and they will agree that is part of the magic ingredient. You will find no better hosts then the Kramien’s.

If someone asked me, what was my favorite part of this year’s Jamboree? That’s a tough one, I loved Shimada performance, and Doc Eason’s lectures were crisp, solid and powerful. Daryl did an awesome job performing, and Pete Biro consistently delivers as MC. Then there was the fellowship of seeing friends and customers, something I truly enjoy. But, for me, what I love most, is when Stan “The Man” takes the microphone and holds court!

Stan will rap off whatever is on his mind, (under the watchful eye of his son Rick), who knows, as we all do, Stan can easily veer in a direction that might be well? Let’s just say he would be a publicist worst nightmare. But lets’ face it, would we want him any other way? NOT! He cracks me up!

I wonder what Stan is saying now? Any guesses?

But to me, whether Stan is just going over the agenda, making an announcement – whatever – that is what I like the most. It’s a bit surreal, indirect and peripheral, but I love it.

Stan is one of those few people that can say pretty much anything he wants, and by God, that’s IT! When Stan is holding court, one thing is for sure – it ain’t going to be boring.

Personally, I can sympathize with Rick Kramien, as I can with Mark ({Buma Jr.} who also attends this event), as we all three have fathers that are a lot alike…

As they got older, we (their son’s) had the challenging but endearing tasks of trying to keep them “in check” – but even when we couldn’t people realized, that’s the way they are – and in fact liked them all the more for it.

Getting to know Stan Kramien on a personal level has been a real highlight. This is the kind of guy you just feel comfortable being around, he’s funny, and exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to magic. Mark Burger (Buma Jr.) told me that Stan was unquestionably one of the most successful magical performers he knows.

Stan called me the night before the Jamboree and told me he would pick me up at the hotel at 8:00AM. So, I wake up at 7:30 and get in the shower, when I get out I hear the phone ringing, dripping wet I answer it and the hotel manager says, “Sir, there is a man that has been waiting for you for over 30 minutes!” Oh My GOD! I know who that man is… I knew, just as sure as if my ole’ man was in that car, I was going to get an earful (while I’m positive he said 8:00am), it don’t matter…

Sure enough as I run out to the car, Stan is on the phone leaving a message for my Dad – Joe (who was in Cleveland visiting magic friends Buck Bressler, Al Pocock, and Manny Sperling & Rod Yendor). “Uh Joe, could you do me a favor and get the hell out here and show your son how to do things right!” But I loved… I’m cracking up, loving every minute of Stan’s good-natured, jabs.

Give me a guy like Stan Kramien any day of the year! In fact, let’s all let Stan chew us out at next year’s Jamboree!

Doc gives Stan’s Jamboree the Thumbs Up!

The magic world is really lucky to have Stan Kramien; he adds color, charm and charisma and loves magic so much. The truth is, I think Stan looses money each year – but the thing is – the Jamboree has never been about making money – maybe that is one of the reasons it’s so damn good! But you don’t have to take my word for it – come for yourself – we’d all love to see you there next year.

For information about the Jamboree (next years dates, etc.), contact Mark Stevens at Stevens Magic!