Viktor Voitko – Artist

Personally speaking, for me, my favorite stage magicians are those that have been successful at incorporating magic along with other arts such that the goal is the evocation of emotion. Stevens Magic Empoium has had the enjoyable experience of working with Viktor for many years, and I remember my father telling me that when Viktor performed at the then Desert Magic Seminar – it was an expeience he will never forget…

We are excited to offer you a peak into one of the most skillful performers in the world of magic and beyond, and in fact it’s more then a peak, this is a tremendously detailed article thanks to Viktor opening up … As you can tell from the start I can’t write this objectively – I’ll admit to that because in my book Viktor is one of, if not simply the best….

I have researched this story for over a year collecting information and sources of course from Viktor himself, but also via “many” other sources especially regards to Viktor’s impressive list of accomplishments which he was (to his credit) not wanting to boast or include – but I feel should be included to show his level of competence and respect from his peers.

Viktor Voitko – is a master at doing just that.Short bio info – Place of birth – Lviv, Ukraine,
Date of birth – 09.03. 1968
Nationality – Ukrainian
Parents: mother – Larisa Ivanovna Voitko
father – Iosif Ivanovich Voitko
Education – 1987 Kiev state school of the variety and circus acts.

Awards: Grand Prix Poland Lodz 24.09.89
Grand Prix “Stribny prsten” 90 Praga
First price Sofia 21.03.89. “Mister Senko”
Silver prize “Magic Hands” 1993. 1994
Second place winner FISM Japan 1994

Varieties: Germany – “Wintergarten” 1996,
“Friedrichsbau” 1997.2000-2001
Zurich 1995 Europa Zauber-theater
France 2001- “Royal Palace”
Germany 2001 – 2002 “Krystallpalast”
2002 Pegasus Germany
2005 “Salto Nataly” Switzerland
2006 “Apollo variete” Dusseldorf,Germany
2007 “Krystallpalast variete” Leipzig,Germany

Tv-show: “Mandrake d’or 95, Mandrake 99
Monte Carlo 1995 Festival
Germany ZDF 1996 “Science & technologie”
Spain “Magic Andreu” tv 3
France tv 5 1999,
Toute la Magie 2001 2002
France tv 5 2006

Country where he has worked U.S.A., Japan, Portugal, Spain, Germany, France, U.K., Italy ,

Denmark, Columbia, Poland, China, Finland, Lebanon, Korea,
Holland, Russia, Switzerland , Austria, Hong-Kong, Shanghai,
Bulgaria, Turkey, Latvia, Lithuania, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, England Latvia Kuwait Sweden Thailand Korea and much more

Favourite magic Magic books – Jochen Zmeck. The Magic handbook.
Magic video – Lennart Green
Magicians – David Copperfield. Tommy Wonder
Magic creator – Kevin James, Peter Marvey
Magic effect – Levitation of Lady
Close-up effect – Coin thru bill

Favorite Movies – Fight Club, Upon time in the America, Scent of a Woman, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

Directors – David Fincher . Federico Fellini
????? Jaroslav Hašek, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Tolstoi Books – The Good Soldier Švejk, The Idiot, The Gambler
Songs – Sting – “Fragile” and “Shape Of My Heart”
Musicians – Sting, ?ichael Jackson ,George Michael, Sade
Actor – Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro
Actress –

My opinion The best Cards manipulation – Takamitsu Uchida and Mahka Tendo
Dove manipulation – Fred Kaps
Ball manipulation – Ron MacMillan
Stage magician – David Copperfield
Close-up magician – Lennart Green

You add other categories

5 facts that you do not know about Victor Voitko – 1. He finished music school with a degree in guitar.
2. He finished school being a gold medallist.
3. Hates picking up cards ?.
4. He has a big collection of different CATS.
5. He was six when he first performed on stage and got money.

He has started professional performing when he was 6 years old.

He is creator of the magic tricks and the magic props such as Flying Ring, Snow Storming Fan, Magic Canvas, Slider, Dancing Rose, Pocket Topit and the most compact and most universal levitation in the world.
He is creator, author and great performer of his acts – Flying Ring and SnowStorming Flying Ring, Levitation of the Lady, Dancing Rose and Vanishing Cage and much more.

He is always in a creative search and he is looking for new forms of art illusion.
He is the author of many amazing ideas, creator and director of magic acts and shows such as Housch-Ma-Housch

Elena Akatova – Russian Fair.

Double Fantasy


I have worked with Viktor in many different countries for the last 20 years or so. He is always a delight to work with. He constantly surprises me with something new. I am his biggest fan. I especially love his levitation where the furnature melts. It is like seeing a Dali painting live!!! – Kevin Jamesdear mark,
thank you very much for your email!
I sent a quote and picture already to viktor – hope he will send it to you…

yes, its great that you write about him!!!
he was my first magician I saw – he inspired me a lot!

greetings from germany, timo marc ūüôā

Hi Mark,

Glad to hear that you’re doing a story on Viktor. He’s one of those guys who I can’t say enough good things about, but I’ll try. Here goes…

Ukraine has a rich and proud history of producing exceptional variety artists, and Viktor Voitko exemplifies that tradition. With his formidable talent, flair for the theatrical, and genuine commitment to the art, Viktor is one of those rare, refreshingly creative individuals who help keep magic vibrant. And having worked with Viktor night after night, and town after town, I can happily attest to the fact that not only is he a great magician, he’s also a good guy, fine friend, and snappy dresser.
Nowadays, there’s no shortage of self-proclaiming, resume-padding, “master” magicians hyping themselves away in cyberspace. It’s ironic that these guys get a name for themselves, telling everyone else what to do without ever having done it themselves. They act like they’ve done it. They parade around like they’ve done it. They pontificate like they’ve done it. But to be honest, their expertise is as hollow as their experience.
Viktor, on the other hand, is the real deal. Not only has he really been there, and really done that, he’s still there, and still doing it. And fortunate for us, there’s no doubt that he’s going to be doing it for a long, long time.
He better, because I’ve still got more of his big brain to pick.

So those are my thoughts. Feel free to use any part of it you want, or delete at will. Again, I’m really glad that you’re profiling Viktor. He truly deserves to be known far and wide.

All the best,
Charlie Frye




JUAN MAYORALThe first time I saw Viktor work was at the Desert Magic Seminar when he competed in the stage contest with his floating linking ring routine. I will never forget the overwhelming sense of wonder that overtook me watching him; he is on my short list of magicians that can really create something that feels like real magic when they perform.

Danny Cole