Max Armstrong – Broken Wand – By Joe Stevens

Max Armstrong - Magician

“Master Magician and Illusionist” has passed away! Max was 85 years old, but you would never know it, he was an avid runner and in love with magic for most of those 85.  As such he led a very active life!  He was also extremely physically fit as a result of his passion for running and it appeared whatever Max did, he was passionate about.  Same was true with the art.  He was a classic performer in the true sense.

A true professional who respected the art and spent a lifetime performing and enjoying it to the fullest! Max also had a Masters degree from Wichita State University.  In addition to his marathon running Max was also a black belt in Judo. He served for may years as Wichita police captain until retiring and after retirement he  taught self defense for over 6 years!

Max Armstrong and Connie Little

But of all his passions it was magic was at the top of his list.  He loved illusions and owned several which he used in his shows.  He traveled the world as a professional performer.  Was good friends with my dearly departed friend Max Hapner and many others.  Max was also the premier Magician for the Pike’s Peak’s Santa’s Workshop park every summer for 49 years performing up to six shows a day in the season.

Connie Little and Max Armstrong

Connie Little and Max Armstrong

Max had excellent knowledge on the world of magic and its history. Occasionally Max and I would share stories and gossip on the world of magic and it was always a good session. He really knew and understood magic He was Wichita’s premiere professional magician. He performed with Connie Little (who also worked directly with Stevens Magic for many years as the editor or our catalogs).  Who better to have writing ad copy for a print catalog than someone like his close friend Connie Little who had first-hand experience with the art.  There is no questions Max devoted his life entirely to magic full-time for many years! We lost one of the “MAGI’S” for his devotion to magic and it’s follower’s.

It was Joe Berg who always said…”There are amateurs, hobbyists, and those who call themselves magicians, but when there are those few who devote their full lives to the art, they are called the “Magi’s”! There is a difference in those who spend the balance of their lives in our world of magic and they are called; The Magi’s”!

We will miss him here in Wichita! Joe Stevens-Stevens Magic Emporium