Special Edition Catalog Oct. 2019

Call it an Express Mailing – this is a special catalog of various items that is easily digestible and REMEMBER, if you find an item that catches your attention, just click on the PRODUCT NAME on the PDF Catalog and there is a good chance it will automatically link you to the product page for that item that is on our website, where you often find more details such as a video demonstration and you can add the item to your cart! The perfect marriage between print medium and web as is the case with ALL our SME PDF Catalogs. Please note however, if you view archival PDF catalogs, there is a higher percentage of items no longer link to a product page for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the fact the item may no longer be available. But  the PDF archive is a great way to view previous catalogs and often a great place to find “hidden gems.”  Special Edition PDF Catalog