The Magic Word Podcast – with Scott Wells – Featuring Special Guest – Joe Stevens – Magic Dealer Trailblazer

Check out the latest Magic Word Podcast that just went live featuring none other than Joe Stevens! Titled the Magic Dealer Trailblazer. Scott does a fantastic job capturing the best minds in the art and for many of us it is the stories and fellowship that is just as important as the performance of the art of magic. The history and knowledge that can only be learned by listening to the trailblazers in our art. We want to thank Scott Wells for giving Joe the opportunity to be featured on his program and we hope you will jump over there now and listen to the recent episode featuring Joe Stevens.

However, while you are there you will learn that there are 568 other archived recordings from other contributors to the art. You will enjoy hearing from any of them. If you have a long drive, or your going out to walk or job, this is the perfect way to feed your head with interesting content. We live in a world where double-tasking it required not just desired. Do double-task away listening to Scott Wells – The Magic World Podcast.

The Magic World Podcast –


The Magic Word Podcast - Scott Wells - Joe Stevens