Sell Your Magic at Stevens Magic

Are you looking to liquidate, downsize or trade some of our existing magic apparatus or related ephemera but want a trusted partner to help you achieve that goal? Let Stevens Magic Emporium be your advocate in that process. If you have quality apparatus, books and collectibles we have you covered.

Technology was supposed to make our lives easier, but the reality is it has complicated things. Everyday we have more and more things trying to grab our attention. There are a lot of steps in selling products, including but not limited to certification, photographs, ad copy, and even if you have the time to do this with each individual piece you still need a target of prospective buyers. For over 45 years we have all those features.

Our clients are interested in collectibles, high-end apparatus and quality manufactures such as Collectors Workshop, Magic Wagon and many other respected craftsman.

We enjoy incredible open rates substantially higher than industry averages so we can get your pieces viewed by perspective buyers.
While every situation and estate usually has unique characteristics, Stevens Magic also has unique approaches and crew including Bill Trotter who will authenticate pieces. In some situations, we even supplies and logistics support.

Our estate crew is compromised of no less than 7 individuals that are involved from start to finish. We have plenty of references upon request as well. Give us a call ask for Mark Stevens 316.683.9582 or e-mail to: [email protected] or [email protected]