Chamberlain Golden Touch Lotion (2 oz., Travel Size)


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This is the fine mist, original formula, in a new clean scent.  Well known as the gold standard for close up workers, gamblers and cross-roaders – and we know quite a few (magicians of course).

We’ve all heard the phrase: “You’re only as good as your last performance.” Now you have a tool that will make sure every performance will be stellar.

This product sells itself and is available in new micro packaging making it easy for magic on the go. We always sell it at Trade Shows. So we decided to offer it again to our online customers. There are many people I know, who would pay 20 times the price for this product – if it was scarce.

I’ve even had people in the past get upset with me when we sold it – as they wanted to keep this “perfect solution” as an underground secret (true story).

This product is exceptionally unique in that the formula is precise in providing the perfect ratio of moisture to otherwise dry skin, such that it provides a substantial advantage for manipulating cards and other objects. It’s non-greasy and Nasa Scientist couldn’t of done a better job creating a special formula just for magicians.

Your fingers and hands are your professional tools, like a professional athlete, you need to “maximize” your percentages – this product will do just that! 

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