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What a Fooler! Can be done right under their noses and eyes! The performer shows an ordinary half dollar and places it on a playing card. Unbelievably, the coin begins to move by itself. It rises up from the card and stands on its edge. It doesn’t stop there, the magician gives it a little flick and the coin literally spins (as if it was dancing on top of the card!).  Then slowly upon the performers command the coin starts to descend, just as it rose earlier, until it lies on the card flat (to its original position on the card). They won’t believe this one! Carry it in your pocket all the time and be ready to blow them away! Created by Mark Stevens in 1990, with respects to Georges Proust (Paris, France).  A Stevens Magic Emporium creation and exclusive for over 30 years!

This is the perfect effect for walk around, or anytime you want to amaze!

  • It’s completely angle proof, (allowing you to perform in the middle of a circle of spectators).
  • No threads of any kind.
  • No magnets.
  • Easy to perform – all you have to do is concentrate on the showmanship and routine.
  • It is a real Coin!
  • Every step and sequence of the production process has been finely tuned and maximized over the years.
  • Comes professionally packaged in a deluxe plastic carrying case.

My greatest compliment is many years ago when David Roth called to order this item, even though he’s an expert manipulator, he understands the power of entertainment.  We were able to custom craft a few special silver coins for David.  At that time, I knew I had a winner – Mark Stevens


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2 reviews for Esoteric Kennedy – Exclusive

  1. Terry Sturchio

    Easy to perform. Visually stunning. Excellent quality. You can’t go wrong with this. This is my son’s favorite effect and he loves to perform it.

  2. Michael Newman

    This is a fun and very easy piece of magic to do. Kids LOVE it!!! And if you are a new/starting out magician, this is great for you! Or a great gift to that nephew or daughter that wants to follow your footsteps as a magician!

    Learning curve is very low on this one. This leaves you to focus on presentation.
    Only drawback is it is not examinable. But don’t let that discourage you. Too many of us think we have to hand everything out! NO!!!!! Don’t worry about that. Talk to Joe here, and he will help you with this. Use his expertise and you will be fine.

    My idea: Have another card/coin for your spectator (or have 2-3 more) to follow you as they “do as you do” type theme. Then you can let them keep their coin and card! Just a thought. Or make it a contest on who can balence their coin on their card first!

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