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Magic Dream Has Done It Again! 

Think Big or Go Home! In 2010 Magic Dream did just that and released The Ultimate Marked Deck (UMD). It quickly became  and has remained an international best seller and one of the few products that lived up to its title. It garnered glowing testimonials from celebrities such as Gaetan Bloom, Darwin Ortiz, Chris Kenner, Juan Mayoral, Robert Giobbe and more.  Twelve years later Magic Dream is proud to do so again with its first launch from their new series of jumbo cards titled: JUMBOX ®

Magic Dreams JUMBOX ®, product line satisfies the demand for high quality gaffed jumbo cards. Much more than just cards these are essential visual tools for magicians and mentalists who realize the power of larger vivid images.

Designed with a Grand B Back owned by Magic Dream and specially designed by Jean-Charles Briand (Bicycle Fast’N’Genious, Bicycle Paris Back, Bicycle Angels, etc.).  This jumbo deck empowers you to read both a cards value and its pip — in less than a second — nearly a meter away!  Imagine your spectator’s jaw’s dropping when you can easily discern such details (which card or cards they are holding) from such a distance. No worries either – these marking are more covert than a secret agent.  They are also on all four corners. While the marking is screaming at you – your spectators will never catch them. So go forth be bold and accomplish mind blowing magic and mentalism with Jumbox® Marked Deck.

The Magic Dream Team spent months sourcing for a specialized printing company capable of satisfying stringent aspects starting with only the finest materials that provide the highest degree of quality, an irreproachable glide, and the addition of vivid and contrasting colors. They went even further by resizing the cards to match a poker card via homothety. Example: A Jumbox® card is the equivalent of 4 classic cards (2 in lengths and 2 in width).

Size: 7” tall by 5 ¼” Wide or Length 17.5cm x Width 12.7cm

Unlike many other marked decks, there is so much more than just a simple legend that explains the markings.  You get access to a lecture with explanations, 5 Routines, along with powerful tips that will ensure you get the maximum value many times over with your Jumbox® Marked Deck.

Remember: This is the first launch from this exciting Magic Dream Jumbox® line look for more such as Jumbox® series: Fako, Gaff, red color, etc.


  • Perfect for Entertaining at home, parlor, or stage venues.
  • Cards marked on all 4 corners, both the value and the pips = peace of mind.
  • 5 complete cartomagic routines included: One hour explanation and tutorial video in French or English by Yoan & Guillaume


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