Magic Beep – Kim Andersen (Pegani)


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Our friend Steen Pegani got this set of special squeakers from a supplier and could instantly see the fun in them. But only when Kim Andersen got them in his hands, was it developed into a solid routine.

For example, you press a tomato (or a nose, or …) and it says a funny beep sound. You reveal that you have one of these little “squeaky-things” in your hand, but when the spectator presses it, it doesn’t say anything. This is how the routine develops. At one point there are three squeakers on the table – two that do not work and one that does – and you perform a form of “3 Squeak Monte”. The spectator’s task is to find the one that works, but it is always wrong. It’s as if you can move around the sound …

BEEP MONTE is just for you to bring in your pocket and can be shown wherever, for children and adults alike.

You receive a complete set of the 3 squeakers + Kim’s detailed online instruction.

“That genuinely fooled me!” – Adam Wilbur

“It’s completely baffling” – Marc Oberon

“We’ve never been more deeply fooled. The fairest and most deceptive Monte rutine I’ve seen and there were no cards” – Daryl, The Other Brothers

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