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Peter Prevos Magician

“Peter Prevos work in incredible in every way. The items he choose to write about are some of the most fascinating applications in the world of magic!  Peter’s attention to detail, the way he puts a project together, such that it becomes a flowing work. The astheics, graphcis and content.  He humbles me each time I see his work. I can’t provide a higher endorsement for his work and at these prices, encourage you to get all of this downloads”Mark Stevens

If you’re already aware of Peter’s previous work – you don’t have to read anything more – just put this download in your cart and check-out, and just as you were impressed by his previous working so too – you will be impressed by Paradoxes of Size – A Treatise on Geometric Vanishes.  This is an incredible price when you consider how much work Peter has done and the fact that’s it at almost 50 pages.  No one provides more bang for your buck than Peter.  Not to mention, he has an uncanny ability of choosing the most intriguing concepts with respect to “visual” magic. His research is superb, as he remains steadfast to the honor and ethics in magic by crediting the sources of the examples he provides in this book.    Only Peter could take geometry and make it exciting!  And that is what he does illustrating how it has been used going back to the year 100 – showing the oldest surviving fragments of Euclid’s Elements.   From there he ventures into Geometric vanishes as magic tricks.

Geometry and magic have a close relationship. Geometry can also be deceiving, and magicians use it to create the illusion of magic. This ebook discusses magic tricks based on geometric vanishes, also known as the Missing Square Puzzle. These magic tricks have recently become wildly popular with millions of views on YouTube.

These magic tricks evolved from a mathematical error to an apparent paradox. Magicians have added layers of deception to turn mathematics into a piece of theatre. This book discusses the history and principles of the three types of geometric vanishes:
• The Vanishing Leprechaun
• The Curry Paradox
• The Tangram Paradox

Each chapter is richly illustrated to give the reader insight into how these tricks work. The book also contains various templates that you can use to create your own geometric magic tricks.”

The donloads is full of color images highlighting and identifying the various visual illusions.  Simply put – if you are remotely interested in this – how can you say NO at this price! The quality of the publication is guranteed.   We were very proud to even see a few of Bill Montana’s and Dr. Paul’s effects, The Missing Inch, and Conundrum exclusively sold at Stevens Magic Emporium.

1 Introduction 1
2 Sam Loyd 6
3 The Vanishing Leprechaun 11
4 The Curry Paradox 17
5 Tangram Paradox 27
6 Epilogue 39
Bibliography 43

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