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Countless magicians achieved success commercially and with their peers – and accomplished this impressive feat by incorporating the classic effect – Linking Rings.  One example that comes to mind it would be Viktor Voitko, who took this classic in a completely different direction – and the rest is “his story” (and also history).

This book has it all – everything you would ever want to know about the Linking Rings. Never before has there been a work that encompasses so much about this favorite classic. From its rich illustrious history, entertaining routines, and the showcasing of famous magicians who have built their world wide reputations using this effect.

There is even a chapter on “linking things” (that will serve as a mental spring board for magicians that want to create “their” reputation using this effect in novel and unique ways). There really is something for everyone in this book.

Here is a sampling of just some of the contributions and/or material provided from top magicians featured in this exciting book.

  • Levent
  • George Blake
  • Jay Marshall
  • Terry Seabrooke
  • Trevor Lewis
  • Robert Harbin
  • Al Baker
  • George Armstrong
  • Al Koran
  • Ken Brooke
  • Paul Daniels
  • John Northern Hilliard
  • Richard Himber
  • Fred Kaps
  • Karrell Fox
  • Viktor Voitko

At 242 pages, with 400 illustrations this hardbound book is phenomenally priced!  It is compiled and written by Peter Andreas (Pete Biro). Foreword by David Regal.  Edited and Proofread by: William Wells, Ph.D and Rich Cowley, AMA. Copyright 2012 – Stevens Publishing.  Cover of book has changed, but content is exactly the same!

Pete Biro has poured his heart and soul into this book, and it truly is a life’s work 65 years in the making – being that is how long Peter has performed and learned all there is to know about the Chinese Linking Rings.  Do yourself a favor and grab this book at this phenomenal price!  A true classic in Magic!  Check out an assortment of Linking Ring Products available at Stevens Magic – CLICK HERE! Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings.


“I am working through the book little by little. I have gotten through 49 pages so far – still have a ways to go! Much of the material I am familiar with, but for every one that I am familiar with, there are another one or two that is new to me, or at least different than what I knew. This book is a fantastic, first-rate resource that I would equate with the level of Rings In Your Fingers by Dariel Fitzkee (as it was when it was first published) and the Ultimate Guide To the Linking Rings DVD set by Levent. This book is destined to become another classic resource, and why not? As waltsal said above, it is about time a modern book (an actual book, not a booklet or a few pages) was written on the linking rings. Well done Pete!”Dr. J. Ayala

Father Photius (Harry Blackstone Sr’s.s grandson) said this.

“This is one tremendous book. Came Friday, couldn’t put it down. On my third read through now. I thought I knew a lot about the rings, this goes way beyond my knowledge base. Great history, probably the best ever written. The routines and moves will make this a greater classic to the Rings than Garcia’s Sponge Ball Encyclopedia was to sponge balls. I’ve bought other texts by Pete and wasn’t disappointed, but this one blew me away. Move over Books of Wonder another classic to add to the classic shelf.”

Magicians. Read Pete Biro’s book on the Chinese Linking Rings. Brilliant. Useful. Fascinating. Yes, you DVD learners, it’s a BOOK.  – Paul Daniels

Published By: Stevens Publishing. The 2nd printing of this book has a different color cover, but the content is exactly the same!

ets of the Linking Rings.  Real Secrets of Linking Rings.  The Real Sllecrets of the Linking Rings.  Biro Linking Rings


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