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“Peter Prevos work in incredible in every way. The items he choose to write about are some of the most fascinating applications in the world of magic!  Peter’s attention to detail, the way he puts a project together, such that it becomes a flowing work. The astheics, graphcis and content.  He humbles me each time I see his work. I can’t provide a higher endorsement for his work and at these prices, encourage you to get all of this downloads”Mark Stevens

“The Möbius strip is one of the most enigmatic principles of mathematics. A simple loop of paper transforms in unexpected ways. This topological quandary has not only inspired mathematicians; countless inventions use this principle and artists have painted, sculpted and written stories about the Möbius strip.

The art of magic has extensively used this topological principle to create the illusion of magic. The Afghan Bands were a favourite magic trick in the first half of the last century. Famous magicians such as Harry Blackstone and Nelson Downs regularly performed it in the stage act.

The Möbius Strip in Magic discusses the mathematics of the Möbius strip and describes how it has inspired inventors and artists The history of the Afghan Bands is a fascinating story about how magicians innovate magic tricks over the years. This history is also a tale of accusations of plagiarism over the many improvements made to this trick over the decades. This download also contains instructions on how to create the various versions of Afghan Bands, including a version that uses zipper and instructions how to use this prop deceptively.

The Afghan Bands are a minor mystery that deserves renewed attention. This book provides extensive theoretical, historical and practical information about this trick to inspire magicians to add it to their repertoire.”

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