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Stevens Publishing is looking for our next book project – and you may come from you! Whether you are looking for us to print your book or distribute it – we can handle all the technical needs. We are easy to work with, have professional printers which provide superior quality compared to the standard print-on-demand. In addition we have a prestigious list for distribution and a great formula for a “win-win” outcome. Our years of experience in this field have in many has added significantly to the quality of the finished product. With worldwide shipping expertise and relationships with many other shops worldwide – it’s the best of all worlds. Contact Mark Stevens for more details.


Some of these titles are below:

A Lifetime of Magic – Charles Gauci – Stevens Publishing
Working with Neal Scryer and Richard Webster, on the successful Neal Scryer Books. (note; Richard Webster is the publisher of these books, we provided contribution only).
The Real Secrets of the Chinese Linking Rings – Pete Biro – Stevens Publishing
Real Secrets – Adam Milgate – Stevens Publishing
The Bridge – Tri-Lingual (English/Spanish/Hebrew) – Stevens Publishing
The Expos

When it came to publishing my life’s work in magic, there was only one company that would do – Stevens Magic Emporium.  While there are many reasons, as they do an exemplary job equally important is the human factor and old fashioned character values.
~ Charles Gauci, author of A Lifetime of Magic.

I enjoy very much having Stevens Publishing available for consult and have referred them projects that I wasn’t able to handle for various reasons – knowing the owners of the content are in good hands
~ Richard Webster

Richard and I look to Stevens Publishing for all our Scryer Titles, and use their contracted artists and proof readers with great satisfaction.
~ Neal Scryer

Writing a book is a massive undertaking, Stevens Publishing didn’t just take my file and go to press, they really studied it and made important style changes that made for a much more streamlined and quality production. It’s exceptionally hard for any one person or small group to complete all the details. As such, Stevens Publishing was much more then just a printer, they were a partner in many ways. The promotion they did for my book was as good as it can be!
~ Adam Milgate, author of Real Secrets

I love the outcome in terms of the tangible book Stevens produced. I’ve had many compliments regards to the feel and quality of the production. Far superior to what I have experienced with print on demand. Plus I knew I was with a reputable company I could trust
~ Wayne Rogers.

We used Stevens Publishing as an exclusive distributor for “Unspeakable Acts,”, because we knew they would promote the book with the class and respect it deserves… They have a large following of mentalist as well, so the target was right too.
~ Jim Magus

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